C-Line batteries are the ultimate expression of flat-plate technology. No other battery delivers more consistent power or a longer life. A unique proprietary plate process, and a five-fold positive plate wrap ensure consistent performance throughout the battery's entire life.

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Designed for Long Life

  • Flat-plate technology assures consistent capacity throughout the life of the C-LINE.
  • The C-LINE tapered-grid design maximizes cross-sectional area for greater current handling capability, higher battery capacity and maximum long-life efficiency.
  • Our unique plate support system and highly effective sediment notches combine to increase reliability and long life. A self-leveling bridge spreads material evenly at the bottom of the cell to prevent short circuits
  • Built to Perform

  • Statistical Process Control coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities means Crown Battery can meet your needs.
  • The C-LINE has the best positive plate wrap in the business to deliver longer life and trouble-free performance. In addition to Slyver, our wrap contains a separator, two expansion mats and a perforated retainer. The C-LINE five-fold wrap reduces the shedding of active material to increase battery capacity and longevity.
  • A corrosion-proof, baked-on epoxy finish ensures that the C-LINE will look as good as it works for the life of the battery.
  • The C-LINE moss shield completely wraps around the plates with a force fit to prevent mossing and shorts at the top of the element.

  • Longest Life - Optimum Performance
    No other battery delivers more consistent power throughout its entire lifetime. With proper care, the C-LINE will hold full capacity longer than any other comparable battery.